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Au Revoir

My Father would always buy me anything I wanted and I always wanted Barbie dolls from Mattel.
I like my eyes shielded in makeup, my lips always painted Red, and a set of enormous earrings dangling down my little ears.
I like wearing dresses and heels, but the last thing I am is Fake.
When his flight got rescheduled and almost likely to be cancelled for the next 10 days I told him I was relieved.
Very selfish, Very me.
When he finally flew against all odds I got an abrupt text message.
I coerced a smile through the morbid feeling.
Brutal honesty gets you flattered as being the best girlfriend, who knew?


  1. your honesty is endearing ❤

    haven't been here for days. i'm glad i found time to read something about you today. take care and God bless :-)

  2. To be fake, or to be not fake, that is the question.
    Lovely post, and love your words.

  3. Honesty is always endearing, as Irene says. I am officially your newest blog follower :)

  4. Honesty, brutal or not - is a rare thing! Hold on to it.

  5. I like to wear tall heels and color my hair. And, like you, I am the furthest from fake. Cheers to honesty!

  6. Being honest and real is better than pretending and being phony even if people don't appreciate it, and sometimes they don't. However, that doesn't mean you change just to suit their desires.


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