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I hate Goodbyes.

Have you ever been content with life, yet sad at the same time?
Yes you have.
Do you like that feeling?
No you don’t.
I play the same songs over and over again because it gives me a certain kind of satisfaction.
I like the monotony in life. Predictable is always safer.
But that doesn’t mean I am boring. Or perhaps I am, but I have followed my impulses too on more occasions than one and the outcomes have turned into memories.
I don’t classify them to good or bad because that is unfair.
So even when I whimper about a static life, chances are, I’m just trying to sound 'cooler'.
Because I don’t love anything more than knowing He is always here, with me.
Affectionate, Egoistic, Protective, offensive, Funny.
But always here.
And now he is leaving for 5 prolonged weeks, giving me all the time to come home straight after class.
Ph should be delighted.


  1. "Have you ever been content with life, yet sad at the same time?"

    Yes, I completely understand that feeling. I've felt that this whole week actually. And i hate goodbyes too. :( I'm sorry. You wrote a beautiful and emotional post, but I'm still sorry because it's a sad one. And if I could i would make you happy and smile! I hope your days get brighter, and remember goodbye's don't mean goodbyes forever. <3

    1. Your posts make me happy Soph. They really do! I'm still not over your snowman picture!!!
      Thanks for the lovely words Love. Means a lot.

  2. The words you penned cut straight through my soul. I pray that this "goodbye" is only a temporary one.

  3. "I don’t classify them to good or bad because that is unfair." cannot have agreed more to that...goodbyes don't always have to be for ever right?? And he'll be back after 5 weeks, so cheer up, girlie :)
    Take Care

  4. Lovely write-up gal!!!!!
    But think this way,
    the joy of meeting him after 5weeks would easily overpower your gloomy days spent without him :)

  5. I hate goodbyes, too.

  6. They always seem to leave, so I, too, hate goodbyes.
    I try to never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.

  7. Great post, great blog! :)

  8. thats a tricky question there...
    but life is like that most of the time...

  9. Predictable scares me more than anything in this world.


  10. Ohh boy...just a 5 week break and you're already fretting..:-D

  11. hey honey,
    love your blog
    we're following you now.
    visit our new blog if you want ;)

  12. Little tanglers in our head, that tell us that every moment is precious with someone we love.
    It's an amazing feeling.
    I don't know if it sounds comforting, but 'wait' as well is a beautiful feeling. :)
    Take Care.

  13. thank you! I hate goodbyes too. :( x

  14. Doesn't everyone hates good-byes, they are gaps unknown to you,if they'll ever be filled.
    Take care!

  15. I like being safe and secure and at the same time I hate it and want to be free and spontaneous. But monotony seems so much less scary.

  16. Lovely post & great picture.

  17. i will forever hate goodbyes. i have to say bye to my bf every baseball season :(


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