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Once upon a dream


I lay next to my mother in a dark room.
I expected a pandemonium of sorts and all she gave me was silence.
I traced it back to June where we went for that trip because I had no idea how long it had been.
And she had no idea who was the father.
I wanted to tell her, I wanted her to ask.
But we lay there in dark silence, time was all we had.
Father was in the next room and he said something about me being a ‘shame’.
My words were vague but I did mention I Love him.
I fell off the cliff and had two miscarriages, this was my first success.
Mother was saying it to my aunt.
Phoney congratulations pouring in as I wasn’t married.
A tinge of embarrassment ran through my veins.
I woke up at twilight and I thought,
If dreams really mean something, what did mine mean?
Silence yet again, but a peaceful one.
Thank God for the present.


  1. The relief that washes over when a dream is discovered to be just that.. is sometimes the best feeling.

  2. The value of a moment is immeasurable...
    Dreamy post.

  3. Every dream carries a lot of us, than every piece of reality does.
    You'll eventually figure out what this one tried to say.

    Take Care!

  4. That must be big deal to realize that it had been a dream…but is this just a dream that slowly evaporates? one wonders!!

  5. Some times dreams seems to be real...

  6. its very difficult to even express a dream...


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