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Not Troubled.


When life is better, it gets boring.
I don’t have any more crises to agonize over.
Occasionally, Ph makes me wonder if it is possible to love and hate a person at the same time, but I choose not to dwell on it for long, knowing it’s for the best.
This stillness takes me back.
As a kid, I had a book with sketches of a woman and a man in each page.
The man would always be standing next to the woman.
One night my Mother asked me to stop drawing ‘such images’.
I stopped eventually, but not because she asked me too.
It never occurred to me why she said so then but now I do.
It was too ‘indelicate’ for a kid to harbour thoughts of a man and a woman and put it to ‘art’.
I’m not a sex maniac now, and never will be but I can never comprehend the drawings.


  1. the thing is we are so engrossed in always being with problems, that sometimes being without them becomes a problem.

  2. That was an interesting thought, times we are so engrossed and made of our problems that when they're gone...we feel lost and maybe helpless without them. That reminds of a dialogue from a play called Look Back In Anger where Alison says about Jimmy, "Don't try and take his suffering away from him – he'd be lost without it."
    And loving and hating the very same person...that applies to almost all my relationships...I tend to love and hate the very same person with equal passion.
    Take Care :)

  3. never mind...
    Happy Diwali to you

  4. Life is a confused word I think at times, and nothing ever can define it properly! Don't think much, enjoy the boring times as well, Happy Diwali, stay happy :)

  5. Darling, you're one hell of a beautiful writer.
    Excuse me for a moment while I wonder back and read your previous posts.
    Lots of love to you, and Happy Diwali!


  6. thanks! I love it too :) amazing writing as always! x

  7. What you have written here, is so absolutely true. I can't agree more! And honestly, your writing has made me think deeper, and wonder, can problems really reach such a level that without it, we just wouldn't be ourselves? I love your blog as well. Please keep posting!

    -Your new follower :)

  8. Hey just stumbled upon your blog,
    wonderful piece of writing, awesome blog
    Loved it :)


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