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Contradictions and Love.


There are days when I doubt my principles. Perhaps my take on life is a little too contemporary to accede or worse, just selfish.
Insomnia visits me like an old friend, on a night where I need that sweet little escape from reality and all its nuances.
I look at KS and serenity shows on his beautiful slumbering face. On this night, overwhelmed with emotions, I had told him that the only ‘unbecoming’ thing I did to my Parents was being in his bed.
‘But you’re going to be my wife someday’, was his honest consolation.
I believed him. I have believed in everything that he has ever proclaimed to me for 61 months now and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Touchwood.
There are days when I feel like I have let everyone down. They say to follow your heart, but what if the heart wants the dangerous bit?
I stayed off the drinks last night. It’s not the hardest thing in the world for me but my Mother would’ve been proud to know!!
Sometimes I do these little insignificant things that are usually expected of me, merely to feel safe and guarded within the integrities of my upbringing.
It’s my way of balancing all the defiance’s that I’ve gotten myself into, for the Love of LOVE.


  1. "They say to follow your heart, but what if the heart wants the dangerous bit?" Isn't your heart meant to defy normal practicality? It is always the first one to jump into dangerous territory.
    Don't punish yourself too hard, you need to keep yourself from falling apart from the guilt. We all do those little insignificant things just to balance the so called "negative" things that we've run into.
    Take Care

  2. sometimes you have to let your fate chose your way, and think, whtever happens , happens for good :)

  3. and. i loved your "to me its matters" foto. i used it in my fb alright? its fine right? :)

  4. Isn't it KS's job to console you back to a joyous mood right now?? ;-) Relax! You're cool.I'm sure even your parents broke quite some rules when they were your age. Comes with the age!!

  5. For the love of love, couldn't be better! Sometimes you just need to go with time, don't worry much about all these!

  6. The heart wants what it wants and the only way for it to learn is through experience I think. I never want to miss out on something just cause I wanted to avoid the 'dangerous bits'.

  7. So very thoughtful and considerate of you..I had read your very first poem but my my comment din't wanna come up so that went crashing somewhere.
    Heart always wants do the dangerous thing i say so cause i myself fall in that category of loving dangerous things.
    Well congrats on your success of not keeping your hands off drinks :)

  8. thank you! I'm glad you like them! <3 I'm so in love with those tights! xx

  9. i really love those tights! gorgeous! <3

  10. love it :D
    Sophie <3

  11. love the tights!


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