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Once upon a time.


Fragments of my fears resulted from all the summer evenings on the front yard of my Mother’s sister’s house 4 hours away from my town.
I’d sit down with my Mother, her sister (my aunt) and her daughter beside the Hibiscus shrubberies and listen to repetitive counsels on the importance of a ‘good’ life partner.
When I was young, my Mother would tell me bedtime stories – Gulliver’s Travels, Little Red Riding Hood, Buddha etc. She would sing lullabies too on many occasions.
Eventually the stories stopped as I grew and they were replaced by ‘vital’ advices every now and then.

It was on a winter night when I sat on the floor facing her on the bed that she told me a story just like the Little Red Riding hood except here, I wore the Red Cape.
She elaborated on the big bad wolf and how I should turn around and run if I ever encountered one.
My Fear then substantiated because I was already in Love with the big bad wolf, and he was beautiful.


  1. Beautiful, never stop writing.

    Your comments you leave to me are always so vague but full of depth. I love them.
    Much love xx

  2. Things/Thoughts/Individuals which are forbidden we often end up desiring and loving them...

  3. Wow - your talent is off the charts. I am so glad that I found this blog.

  4. I think we're all in love with the big bad wolf even if we hate him.

  5. Wolf seems to be my love as well. Werewolf to be precise. I always fell for prince charming when I was a kid though. Fears keep me alive at times! Such nice thoughts.

  6. That was a cute tale and perhaps it is in human nature to love villans too....

  7. love love love love love love this! how many times have we been in love with the big bad wolf, and how many times have we ended up hurt.

  8. Wow, love that story. I guess we all have been in love with the wolf, not only once.

  9. the wolf is only a fear if you let it
    opinions arent fact

  10. at times even those "wolf" are pretty lovable...may be bcoz there is another side of them......isn't it .....?????

  11. Ah, I really like this, the idea of the big bad wolf. Maybe being swallowed up won't be as terrible as people say it will be. Although, it is never bad to prepare.

    All my love.

  12. I love the writing

  13. the photo...or is it a drawing? is beautiful! did you make it?
    also, you write beautifully. I wish I could write as elegantly as you do.


  14. I agree with Kei above -- very cool drawing/picture/illustration or whatever. Also... i LOVE little red riding hood. Last year, I dressed up as that and my bf as the Big Bad Wolf... i love the re-interpreted stories where there is romance between the red ridinghood and the wolf...


  15. You considering him the Big Bad Wolf, partly conveys that you don't trust him to the point of considering him your Prince Charlie. Before you have to face things in front of her and justify, you have to face yourself and convince that more than the bad guy as you picture him, he's perfection for you.
    Hope you draw peace with what I had to say.
    Give it a thought.
    Take Care. :)

  16. "I was already in Love with the big bad wolf, and he was beautiful"
    loved this part...I too have been in love with a big bad wolf...all he did was destroy me...wish you luck with ur one:)


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