Read as you please!


Au Revoir

My Father would always buy me anything I wanted and I always wanted Barbie dolls from Mattel.
I like my eyes shielded in makeup, my lips always painted Red, and a set of enormous earrings dangling down my little ears.
I like wearing dresses and heels, but the last thing I am is Fake.
When his flight got rescheduled and almost likely to be cancelled for the next 10 days I told him I was relieved.
Very selfish, Very me.
When he finally flew against all odds I got an abrupt text message.
I coerced a smile through the morbid feeling.
Brutal honesty gets you flattered as being the best girlfriend, who knew?


Kiss Me Goodnight.


Whoever said there is only one side to a story said it wrong. So wrong, that nobody said it.
I Love sleeping. I Love entering into a world where life is touched-up perfect.
Where like in the movies, even if bad occurs, it is thwarted daringly.
Such are my nightly dreams.
Nightmares occur too but I Love my dreams and I Love it for the pleasant ones alone.
But lately, sleep has been eluding me.
It is the stress about Tuesday.
He leaves and I am terrified of an impending month without his presence.
At least, this time so.
As much as I wish he didn’t have to go, now I can’t wait for him to leave.
I am anxious about the goodbye hug and to get over with the overbearing emotions.
So then I can finally go to classes, write my notes, come back home.
So that I don’t have to constantly think about the frightening goodbye.
Accept that the moment is over, and SLEEP peacefully.
Alone, yet peacefully throughout this cold cold December.