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The Moment I knew.


When you find someone who Loves you beyond the appearances and the physicality’s, it could either be the most amazing or the most pathetic thing ever. My Chemistry Professor says there are only two choices in life. Nothing aches my heart more than knowing that he failed to notice the laces and the curves.

I’ve always questioned my motives here. I write these posts like I’d write my diary if I had one. I don’t know why I write them, perhaps it's because like I said before, we write the things we can’t say, I come here for an hour and share my deepest thoughts with a part of the world that's invisible to me. I'm afraid a lot of times, not being sure of how much is too much while my head and heart yearns for an outlet. But every time I read the comments and there is always something positive, when someone tells me that they turn off their music while reading my posts, it is a moment of clarity. It’s like that ease I feel when I close my eyes at the end of a very tiring day.

And I realise exactly why I come here. It feels safe. Thank You.


  1. It is evident from your posts that your pour your heart into them...
    Love the way you write :)

  2. Like you, I write the truth. I write for myself -
    words published here as a backwards way of sharing without fear.
    I hand my stories to strangers to keep from being alone in my head.
    Each post is a way of asking - If this is all you knew about me, what would you say?
    It is much safer to keep the deepest and darkest within "the world that's invisible to me"

    Breakfast After 10

  3. We all need that kind of safety, I'm so glad you have found a place for it!
    I might have said this before but one thing that always brings me back is your honesty. No matter how brutal or eloquently you put it.
    Keep writing for you, much love xx

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  5. i think we would all be hurting so much more if we felt like there wasnt somewhere we could go and off load
    i think of my blog like my journal where i know its 100% a time to think and reflect and just express myself and hopefully get heard and receive support
    blogging has saved my life so many times

  6. I think the reason we turn to blogging, is the failure to vent our emotions out to the world through our own mouths,instead preferring to say it through writing.
    The fact that we can share out stories with the outside world, and unknown people giving non-judgemental views about them, is the cream between oreos(Im not a cake person!)
    Likewise, Im still new to this world of blooging, but im already receiving praises I never thought I was worthy of. My english teacher hates my guts,due to my un-conventional methodologies!
    So, maybe thats the reason why people turn to blogging, as such :)

  7. Your posts inspire me, simply because they DO sound like a journal entry. You have this ability to be honest here and it is so refreshing. It's somewhere you can write that you don't have to be scared of what others think, because we aren't there to judge you or speculate on your every day life. You can write and just write your heart out because there's no expectations.


  8. "My Chemistry Professor says there are only two choices in life."

    "when someone tells me that they turn off their music while reading my posts, it is a moment of clarity. "

    These were my favorite. First off, I do love how you write in secrets that we get glimpses at but not the whole picture. It makes me wonder what you're thinking. I like how you said your Chemistry professor says there are only two choices in life but you don't tell us what the choices are, and I like that you incorporate him even though we don't know who he is. And you don't give us a description of him so I can try to come up with my own image of what he looks like.

    I also just love the line of turning the music off when reading your blog because that really does speak and convey a lot and you don't even need to explain it.

    Very beautiful, you are amazing. <3 It makes me think of Charlie's writing from the Perks of being a Wallflower.

  9. I could write a longer Thank You and it still wouldn't be enough. I Love YOU. Each one of you who reads my posts and leave these Golden comments. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU!!!

    ✗ℴ ♡

  10. Blogger world is wonderful, we can share our minds without the fear of being judged, a safety which the real world and real people don't provide.

  11. This was very beautiful and it goes to the heart of why many of us blog. We truly do write the things we can't say. Beautiful post my friend.


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