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No Goodbyes here.

In all honesty I told him today wasn’t as exhilarating as I had anticipated it to be. I’m yet to receive his reply. I didn’t tell him how I wish to drive on an unending highway with sad songs playing all throughout; it would give him wrong signals about my feelings. But I tell you here, Please bear with me.

Sometimes I wonder how it feels like to just leave. Not have to say a teary goodbye to anyone or live in fear of never seeing them again. To lose someone momentarily is just as bad as losing them forever, don’t you think? I am afraid it’s not something I can do and perhaps it could be an unwise decision later. But what I am more afraid of is that he might be capable of the very same thing. Gone. Poof.


  1. Leaving like that is euphoric.
    There comes an ache though I've found, because we are not meant to always be alone.
    Trust each other and be honest.
    Much love dear xx

  2. I tried to leave the one, who meant the world to me...I thought, somehow I will cope without him...After few months, the world looked dull, nothing brought back the happiness that only he could give me....
    May be things are not over yet...
    Don't do that!
    Girl with the Quixote Curse!

  3. I feel you. I've often wondered what would happen if i packed my bags and left for somewhere. Another state, another country. if I got a job, a new college, a new life. I wonder what that'd be like. but I always wonder because i know ill never do it. But sometimes i like the idea of it.

  4. some people deserve a place in our lives bt sometimes love isnt enough
    keep strong

  5. Leaving like that sounds fun but staying there and facing situation is much wiser!!!!!
    have faith :)

  6. i think you'd rather try your best and just stay. it's pretty normal to get hurt by being left, but it's different when you're the one who left because even though you're both capable of that, it's just different. :)

  7. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)


  8. Your blog is amazingly unique. It's really interesting learning about you through your writing. I'm an instant follower!

    lo & behold

  9. Don't just walk away. Talk it out. Conversation is the best cure out of any situation. Stay strong and believe in yourself :)


  10. Just a little problem is what it might be. Look at it from a time line ahead of you by 5 years. Would it be worth it?

    Don't let little not so worthy things matter, you'll know if it's strong enough to sustain itself.
    Take it in, and love. That's all we are to do.
    Sooner or later, everything temprorily ends. The solution is in, making it worth lasting.

  11. Being on the road is lovely, but staying, facing your fears and dreams, might be the better choice of the two. I hope you are okay, and just a note: I love your blog, it is perfect. Would you mind checking mine out? It would be an honour :) Thanks! xx

  12. Goodbyes are always hard for me... some people seem to be better at them. It would be nice to not be affected by them, but then we might not appreciate the times we have together as much. I hope it gets easier love!


  13. "Sometimes I wonder how it feels like to just leave. Not have to say a teary goodbye to anyone or live in fear of never seeing them again."

    I do this. I just leave without a goodbye, without fear. I brace myself to lose them forever. And I breathe in and out as I bear another rip in my heart.

    Life's Perseptions

  14. great post...

  15. such a cute picture! love your blog! i followed! would love you to check out mine!

  16. A teary goodbye is way better than having to wonder for the rest of your life why he disappeared just like that. Your heart would ache for that teary goodbye then.

    Anyway, I hope you can find some time to visit my blog.
    Maybe we could follow each other? :)

  17. I learned that to leave someone is more painful than to be left as the decision comes from within. There was a time when I went through a period of pain and regret after leaving someone I loved and I wished it had happened the opposite way. However, after many years I realized that things happen for a reason and there is a blessing in disguise, but it was certainly a sorrowful experience I never want to go through it again.
    It is very important to think carefully and if possible to have discussions before making a decision. Take care!


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